A Simple Asian Diet To Stay Healthy

With so many diets showing in your Google search results and in advertisements on a daily basis, it can be confusing which to pick. So as a general rule, let’s go with something that has been proven to work time and time again for thousands (YES) of years like the Asian diet? Asian diets allow you to eat healthy, lose weight and decrease the chances of getting cancer, heart disease and other scary conditions.

While in the Western World people often search for meat, dairy, milk, and fast foods, the Asian diets focus on a variety of nutrients found in rice, fish, nuts, grains, berries and other healthy ingredients. Classic western ingredients are used sporadically only, to add some diversity to your meals once in a while. Research has found repeatedly that the Asians have got it right, with their diets being clear winners over western diets when it comes to staying healthy and living longer.

Every meal will consist of one of the following: rice, noddles, bread or grains, which will be complemented by one of meat, vegetables and/or fruits. Considering fruits and veggies are higher in fiber, you will be receiving a good dose of antioxidants that will cleanse your body from bad chemicals and allow your metabolism to burn fat faster.  You will also receive the perfect amount of vitamins that will assure your body functions at the highest level, preventing cancer or heart disease.

Another very popular ingredient found in many healthy Asian dishes is soy. Soy can be found predominantly in Japanese foods as you can use it for a variety of recipes like soups, meals and even beverages. It is easily found in most supermarkets so being very accessible you can use it constantly in your recipes to always stay healthy and benefit from its nutrients.

To complete your Asian we shouldn’t forget the beverage part of a meal. Asian traditional drinks consist of tea, which leads to lower amounts of cholesterol while flushing out free radicals that causes cancer and heart diseases. If you are looking for healthy Asian recipes, Japanese food is one of the you can possibly find, as their population is one with the longest life expectancy.

So hesitate no longer, and try some of the proven Asian recipes that are sure to help you better enjoy life, in a more healthy manner!