Get Skinny Without Tough Workouts – The Asian Way

There are so many Asian diet tips and tricks one can learn to help get rid of the extra fat! That’s why I always find it weird when people keep looking for ways to lose weight in the wrong direction. The Asian kitchen has so many incredible recipes and diets even as much as 500 years old that are still better than some of the diets and get slim quick products you see on the web today. So without further talk let’s take a look at some cool and proven ways to lose the extra weight with Asian diets.

Get Slim Quickly Without Exhausting Workouts

Growing up in an Asian household myself, I can tell you the number 1 rule Asians will always tell you is this. You should avoid get slim quick programs that promise you the moon and try to make a quick buck off your back. The ads you see on TV are mostly not going to help you lose weight, there is a better way that doesn’t involve medicine, risky procedures, complicated machinery and un-human workouts.

Risking your health to try out drugs or medical procedures to get slim is not something you should be after, not if you can do it naturally. Asian women simply ignore these products and they are still slim and have perfect figures, they live long and have happy lives with happy families. So how do we do it? There is no magic pill, just remember that!

Losing Weight The Simple Way – With Spices!

When we cook, us Asian women use a multitude of spices regardless of what type of foods we cook – traditional Asian or something Western, the rule of thumb remains. Spices enhance flavors and can be pretty healthy and also they can stimulate your metabolism.  Some meals high in calories can be kept in check by the uses of spices as they will enhance your body to burn fat cells a lot faster.

Now you might be thinking – she’s going to recommend some very specific Asian spices that no one has heard of and that I’ll have to order directly from Northern China if I want them. That couldn’t be further from the truth, the spices I’m talking about are actually quite common and can be easily found anywhere in the west. One of these is cayenne pepper which can easily be found anywhere in the West and can be used in a variety of dishes and meals. You don’t have to overdo it either, using low amounts is fine.

The funny thing is you can even add it to recipes without your family even noticing, my mom used to do this all the time and we had no idea, the food was delicious and it was also helping us stay in shape – it really is a weight loss weapon when used correctly!

Don’t over-do it, you don’t want the taste of the meal to be compromised as we want it to retain its great taste. Instead just get a pinch or two and spread it evenly over whatever food you’re making. You’ll need to experiment to figure out the right amounts for various things, but if you get it right you’ll be able to increase your calorie-burning potential by as much as 20% just from this single addition alone. Amazing!

Just understand to use it with reason, you don’t want to ruin the flavor of your meal by over using cayenne peppers. A pinch or two is usually enough to just add a little spice to your food and also make it instantly healthier by increasing calorie burning by as much as 20 percent! Wow!

The True Secret Of Weight Loss

Learning to use the right spices in your food is just step one of your journey. While you experiment with other spices and other quality Asian recipes that will help you lose weight, always remember that you should really adopt this as a lifestyle rather than a simple 2 week diet. If you want to see long lasting results, you need to eat better constantly, while rejecting junk food altogether. The good news is, spicy Asian recipes are both delicious and incredibly healthy, so you’ll always feel satisfied and well fed, while also staying in shape or dropping extra pounds!